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What is a Palindrome Number?

A palindromic number or palindrome number is a number that remains the same when its digits are reversed. Like 16461.

Logic For Palindrome:

After understanding the meaning of palindrome number, its get easier for us to build a program to check whether a number is palindrome or not? So, as per the above definition we will take a number and than check if it remains same after getting reversed! so, the main logic behind this program is to take a number(input) and reverse it and than compare the reversed number with the number at the time of input. Lets see how to do it...
Source Code:
/* Palindrome Program In JAVA
  © Code Nirvana (www.codenirvana.in)
import java.util.Scanner;
class Palindrome{ 
     public static void main(String args[]){ 
       System.out.print("Enter Number: ");
       Scanner read = new Scanner(System.in);
       int num = read.nextInt();
       int n = num;
       //reversing number
       int rev=0,rmd; 
       while(num > 0) 
         rmd = num % 10; 
         rev = rev * 10 + rmd; 
         num = num / 10; 
       if(rev == n) 
         System.out.println(n+" is a Palindrome Number!"); 
         System.out.println(n+" is not a Palindrome Number!"); 

Palindrome Output - Code Nirvana

Tutorial: Palindrome Program In Java

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  1. explain me in detail code for palindrome

    1. The above article explains about palindrome and its code in detail!
      What you want to know, or which part you didn't understand?

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