No Money? No problem. AAP Advertisement Campaign Will Astonish You

No Money? No problem. AAP Advertisement Campaign Will Astonish You


Technology played a huge role in the success of Aam Aadmi Party. The newest party lead by Arvind Kejriwal promises of a corruption free India. It is a platform for the qualified and honest people to change the current political establishment. After the Splendid performance in Delhi State assembly polls it soon became a national movement and bought hope to the common man.
    The social media involvement of AAP has played a huge role in their success. Most of the politicians are active on twitter and have large number of followers. Clearly, The tech wing of AAP knows how to work.
    Recently AAP's official Facebook page shared a very interesting way to advertise for them. Devoid of crores of rupees and completely relying on donations. They found a way to advertise using Wi-Fi HOTSPOTS... The video explains in plain Hindi how to spread the word.

Promote AAP through Mobile & Wi-Fi

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