Java Method To Get Int values/Number From The Given Text

If you want to select int type values from a given text,
than use the following code

public String SelectINT ( String Text )    
    String point , INT = "" ;              
    int len = Text.length();               
    int a = 1;                             
for(int i=0;i<=(len-1);i++)                
    point = Text.substring(i,a);           
        int find = Integer.parseInt(point);
            INT = INT + find;              
        } catch(Exception Number){ }       
    a = a+1;                               
    return INT;                            

Example run:
String getINT1 = SelectINT("abc1d23ef");
int getINT2=Integer.parseInt(getINT1);  

so the above code will return "123" which later can be converted to int type using parseInt.

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