How To Remove My Number from TrueCaller? | Unlist Phone Number from truecaller

How To Remove My Number from TrueCaller? | Unlist Phone Number from truecaller

I came across many people who are very frustrated from a very famous smartphone/web app called TrueCaller. TrueCaller in short is a online phone directory which stores millions of numbers with there owner names. Many people use this app in their smartphones which helps them to know the name of the caller from an unknown number. But still there are many people who think this app is not safe for their privacy. so, for those who want to remove their numbers from truecaller, there's a good news that truecaller officially provides a method to unlist there mobile numbers.

Steps to Remove Your Number from TrueCaller :

Unlist Number from truecaller
To Unlist your Number From TrueCaller Database, Fill out the Form by following the Below given Steps.

STEP 1: Open the following link in the URL.( or Click Here

STEP 2: Now Choose Your “Country”, And Enter your “Phone Number” which you wish to unlist from TrueCaller Database , “Enter the Capcha” and then Click on the “Blue Mail Button”.

STEP 3: That’s it, you have Successfully Unlisted! Your mobile number from TrueCaller Database.

TrueCaller Unlist Successful , Number From TrueCaller

NOTE: TrueCaller will unlist your number with in 24hours once the Unlist request has been received. Once the Number is removed from the Database, anyone who tries to find your number will end-up with no result.

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